About Us

YodaMap is a location-based application for the Android. We start with geotagged, anonymous posts (aka, digital graffiti) and the sharing of useful information (e.g., pictures, text posts and comments). Built on Google Maps, YodaMap works anywhere in the world: no friction to post or view from anywhere. Anyone can make posts, no account is required, the application and service are free.

The greatest technical challenge for us is figuring out how to make useful posts prominent and bad posts go away. Viewers can either be nearby with location-aware mobile devices searching for real-time, locally-relevant information, or they can be viewing anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world. The use cases are many and varied.

Viewers rate posts and add valuable input to the complex algorithms that rank and filter the posts.

We want to build and promote location-aware applications that are helpful and address real needs, rather than chatter or closed-group social networks; there are no badges here. However, we know we can't predict and thus don't want to dictate how YodaMap is used. We employ numerical methods developed at Stanford University and elsewhere and traditional machine learning to optimize ranking algorithms that work at scale.

Please contact us at support@yodalab.com for more information.